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Why have it delivered?

We proudly serve hundreds of Houston area offices, large and small, including governmental entities, law offices, oil & gas, IT, manufacturing, petroleum, insurance and many other fields because they have found our service to be of greater value than others. Why not give us a whirl??

Now, more than ever, your time and money are both valuable. Utilizing our service ensures you save time, money and have a quality full service company with no cumbersome contractual obligations or recurring order minimums. We make it EASY...

  • SAVE TIME (don't visit multiple locations)
  • SAVE MONEY (Gasoline and labor is NOT cheap)
  • SAVE YOUR BACK (no lifting, no loading, no unloading, no driving, no carrying, no sweating, no cursing, no lost work time, no injuries, no dropping, no damage, no standing in line, no shopping, no traffic, no hassle!)=

We deliver soda, water, fresh fruits and veggie trays, snacks, candy, juices, energy drinks, breakroom supplies and more directly to you!

Soda and Chip Products

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We carry Monster Energy Drinks Regular and Lo Carb, Red Bull and Sugar Free Red Bull, juices, napkins, breakroom supplies, sodas, snacks and much more! Much more!!!!

Working Asleep On The Job

Why foot the bill for refreshments?

Every day, 25% of all workers leave the office for at least 15 minutes to purchase hot beverages or refreshments. Eighty percent of employees state that a quality refreshment program would make them less likely to leave the workplace and would be a visible daily benefit at work.  

Quality refreshments at work increase employee satisfaction and drive greater productivity. THEY MAY EVEN HELP KEEP FOLKS AWAKE!

  • Employees Feel Valued – when refreshments are available, employees feel their needs are recognized and respected, leading to increased satisfaction and productivity
  • Total Workplace Satisfaction – an extensive variety of the most popular brands of refreshments give energy to any workplace
  • Conveying the Right Image – the ideal breakroom and meeting-room environment for customers and employees leads to better relationships, higher retention and increased revenue potential

(Wirthlin Worldwide, 2003 Study commissioned by Mars, Inc.)